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Our ethics underpin many of the decisions we make in our everyday lives. For example, we may choose to buy clothing from retailers who treat their workers fairly, select the car that is least harmful to the environment or holiday at a resort that we know has a sustainable approach to tourism.

We understand that that you shouldn’t have to cast your moral, social, environmental, religious and political values aside when it comes to investing, which is why we can help you to select investments that sit comfortably with you.

And the good news is that, contrary to previous beliefs, you no longer have to sacrifice returns to invest sustainably and responsibly.

Our ‘fact find’ conversation provides the opportunity to talk through your stance, in order to understand what’s
important to you.


What issues can ethical investing address?

Ethical investing can address a wide range of concerns including climate change, treatment of employees, unethical products and harming of animals.

However, it’s not just about avoiding companies producing unethical products, but identifying and including those planning to make a positive impact, avoid harm and do good environmentally and societally.


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