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Why change accountants?

Your accountant should be integral to your business.  


Whilst dealing with compliance requirements in an efficient and timely manner is crucial, they should also be key ‘business planning partners’ providing you with insight and advice to ensure that your business runs as profitably and efficiently as possible.  

And they should be approachable and available to speak to at a time that is convenient to you. The advent of HMRC’s ‘Making Tax Digital’ means that technological know-how is a must.

If these points don’t resonate with you, it may be time to think about a change.

Switching your accountant in 4 easy steps

The process is straightforward once you have made the

decision to appoint Culverhouse & Co as your new accountant: 

Inform your existing accountant of the change

It’s down to personal preference how this happens, either:

  •  We prepare and send a letter that is signed by you, advising them you wish to appoint us as your accountants, and providing them with the authority to supply us with relevant paperwork, or:

  • You can call yourself or write to them, advising them of the change and give them authority to supply Culverhouse & Co with relevant paperwork.

Culverhouse & Co contact retiring accountant

We write to your existing accountant to request the documentation that we require in order to properly act on your behalf, which they will provide in a timely manner.

Documents are transferred to Culverhouse & Co

Documents are transferred to us.  Often this is undertaken entirely electronically, but we can arrange to pick up, or receive delivery of, hard copy documentation if required.

HMRC authorisation

We will request authorisation codes from HMRC that will be issued to you.  Once you have provided these codes to us, we will then complete the authorisation process.

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