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MAKING TAX DIGITAL: An Interview with John Murphy, Director of Powersure Limited

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

We interview our client John Murphy, Director of Powersure Limited, a family run business of electricians who we helped ‘go digital’ in line with the government's 'Making Tax Digital' (MTD) programme.

What advice would you give to another business owner regarding Making Tax Digital?

It really is not as daunting as I first thought. In fact I prefer it over the paper based system that we used before.

What benefits are you beginning to see?

It provides us with much more up-to-date information about how the business is performing, helping us run our business more effectively. For example, it’s simple to see at a glance any debtors and to keep track of purchases. And we have a digital record of everything.

How did Culverhouse & Co help you in the process?

Culverhouse & Co assisted us with everything we needed in order to get up and running for MTD. They used their knowledge of software products to help us choose a package that best suits our needs, and is compliant with the HMRC’s Making Tax Digital legislation.

They helped with setting up our new cloud-based system and they entered back-dated information in order to provide an accurate picture of the current position. They also designed all the templates that we need, such as sales invoice templates, so that all logos and information is included as we require.

Culverhouse & Co also trained us in how to use the software and Dave Knight and his team are always on the end of the phone to help out or answer our questions.

It gives me great peace of mind knowing that Culverhouse & Co are constantly able to overview our business performance in the background and because everything is now ‘in the cloud’, should there be a query, we can both log in to the software at the same time to get the solution.

Next Steps

Alternatively contact us, and we can explain more about the process.

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